15 Cloth& Line
17 tableware& Galley Utensils
19 Clothing
21 Rope & Hawsers
23 Rigging Equipment& General Deck Items
+ 23-block
+ 23-wine rope
23-anchor chain
23-container lashing
23-packing for macgregor hatch cover
23-macgregor hatch cover parts
25 Marine Paint
27 Painting Equipment
33 Safety Equipment
35 Hose & Coupling
37 Nautical Equipment
38 Medicine 
45 Petroleum Products
47 Stationary
49 Hardware
51 Brushes & Mats
53 Lavatory Equipment
55 Cleaning Material & Chemicals
59 Pneumatic & Electrical Tools
61 Hand Tools
63 Cutting Tools
65 Measuring Tools
67 Metal Sheets, Bars etc
    Zinc Anodes/Aluminum Anodes
      Plain Style Gratings
69 Screws & Nuts
71 Pipes & Tubes
73 Pipe & Tube Fittings
75 Valves & Cocks
77 Bearing
79  Electrical Equipment
81 Packing & Jointing
85 Welding Equipment
special procucts
  + valve seat ring
    23-packing for macgregor hatch cover


        This is RUNCHENG (CHINA) MARINE SERVICE COMPANY LIMITED, general ship supplier/ship chandler, ship store exporter and importer.
       Our office located at Dalian china. We emphasize our work on purchasing control and service attitude, supply timeliness, work professionalization.

We persist in direct purchasing from the manufacture and global purchasing to screen high performance versus price ratio products.24 hours a day & 7 days a week working time to secure our service always in time. Our professional teams ensure the high-quality service with satisfying service attitude. 
     Supply Port: Dalian, Qingdao, Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Ningbo, Bayuquan, Yingkou, Jinzhou.
     Service Scope: Provision/Engine store/ Deck Store/General Ship Supply/New Building Ship Supply/Ship Store Export


No. 55-7 GangXingXi Street, DaLian Development Area,
JinZhou District, P.R. China



a) Your enquiry energize our company
b) Your vessels’ schedule decide our work time
c) Your satisfaction is our goal
d) Global purchasing to screen high performance versus price ratio products
e) Direct purchasing from manufacture omit the middle taches, to reduce the cost.